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Please enjoy a look at the School's classrooms.  To schedule an observation, please visit the Contact Us page for more information. 


          Toddlers working cooperatively                              A toddler focused on rock washing
                     and independently



            Toddlers working together with                  Toddler children enjoying their snack together
                  a food matching activity



        A toddler engaged in stacking work                 The idea of community is fostered through 
                                                                                                work in the dramatic play area


A preschooler working with the binominal cube                The organized and prepared 
                                                                                                      preschool environment


     A student mastering numbers using the                    A kindergartener engaged in reading
 "Building to 1000" work with golden beads
                   and number cards


     Language materials in the preschool                        A student strengthening hand muscle 
                           environment                                            in preparation for writing in the future


      A preschool student works with the                           A preschooler concentrates while
                     hundred board                                       carrying water to the "bubble-making" work


    Students work together to develop their                          Working with the teen board 
     geography skills using detailed maps                  reinforces the formation of numbers 11-19


      Kindergarteners work together at                          A preschooler develops his knowledge
                 Bank Game division                                  of the numbers 10-99 using the ten board

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