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Our Preschoolers come to us with a variety of previous childcare experiences, from in home daycare, childcare centers, stay at home parents or within our own toddler program.  Regardless of their previous experiences, our team of preschool teachers helps with total development of your child: emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially.  We understand that each preschooler is unique and are at different stages of development.  Therefore, our objective is not to compare their abilities with one another, but observe their interests and build individualized lesson plans around them.  At the end of their preschool years, they have mastered what they like to do and achieved what they need to know to successfully progress to kindergarten.


Our preschool students work everyday to build the following:


·           Independence:  this is achieved simply letting them care for themselves with the guidance of the teacher

·           Patience:  this is learned through many fun activities throughout the day

·           Social Skills:  this happens when children build relationships with other children and teachers

·           Concentration:  this is developed by working with all Montessori activities, especially with Exercise of Practical Life, the foundation of Montessori.

·           Writing or pre-writing skills:  this skill is practiced and mastered using many different tools in the classroom 



“Our task is to show the way to discipline.  Discipline is born when the child concentrates his attention on some objects that attracts him and provides him not only with a useful exercise, but with a control of error”.   – Dr. Maria Montessori

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